Although the previous talk was about gambling, who can be sure that this snake woman will not suddenly repent and launch an attack? Although the name of the dragon and snake is not small, it is not that kind of justice. Even if it is better than Zao Wou-ki, the King of Fudo Ming, it is not much better. Chao Tianxiang did not change, but silently assisted her granddaughter to heal her injuries. Zao Wou-ki watched her, and she also watched Zao Wou-ki vigilantly. The silent confrontation made the spirits between the two extremely nervous. After a short while, Chao Tianxiang put away the hand that was pressing on Meng still, and pulled her granddaughter from the ground. Although Meng's face was still pale, his spirit seemed to be better. He stared fiercely at Tang San who was sitting in the distance cultivating and Oscar who was absorbing the thousand-year-old Phoenix-tailed cockscomb spirit ring, then raised his head to look at his grandmother. "Grandma, you want to be the master for me!"