Chaotianxiang frowned slightly, "Let's go, we've already lost. I'll talk about it when we find your grandpa." Her eyes turned to Zao Wou-ki, "The King does not change, the green hills remain unchanged, the green water flows long, there will be a period later." She deliberately emphasized the second period. The word, the eyes were cold, obviously there was no goodwill in it. For fear of Zao Wou-ki's action, she didn't even dared to help her granddaughter recover to her best condition, she just suppressed the injury, and it was not too late to leave here before healed her injuries. Snake Po's experience is so rich, she will not give Zao Wou-ki any chance to do it. After saying this, Chao Tianxiang took her granddaughter and rose up, disappearing into the depths of the woods. Seeing the snake-poor grandson and grandson leaving, Zao Wou-ki was also secretly relieved, after all, Duke Long did not appear from beginning to end. Now that the Phoenix-tailed Cockscomb has finally arrived, even if the couple want revenge, they must first consider whether it is worth it. After Oscar had absorbed the spirit ring, it was better to leave here earlier. In order to avoid long nights and many dreams, and then encounter the family of Geshilongshe, it is not so easy to handle.