Tang San Angrily said: "My own person, what are you doing talking about this." Now that he took the sausage and ate it, he did not let Zao Wou-ki help himself like Chao Tianxiang helped Meng Ye, but walked to the side and sat down to practice by himself. With the help of Oscar's sausage, his recovery speed will not be too slow. Zao Wou-ki is the only strong person on the Shrek Academy. His strength is still as good as possible. Who knows if that Duke Long will suddenly appear?Zao Wou-ki seemed very satisfied with Tang San's refusal to help him restore his spirit power, and he couldn't help smiling as he walked to the side. Xiao Wu immediately stood beside Tang San who had begun to practice and restore his spirit power. Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, and Ma Hongjun also stood there and surrounded Tang San in the center to protect him. Tang San still defeated Meng for the Oscar, making them feel a little bit. The distance between each other also seemed to be closer. Zao Wou-ki looked at the snake woman with a smile, "Sister Chao, what do you say?" The snake woman said calmly: "I wish to accept the bet. If you lose, you lose. The thousand-year-old cockscomb snake belongs to you. Today's matter is old. take note of it."